Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finally can online again

Haha... finally.. It has been a while since the last time i update my blog. The reason is... i forgot to pay Streamyx then they suspended my account. After i paid it then need to wait for 2 days for the activation. When i thought everything is ok already i found that the modem spoilt already. I donno why but the streamyx person came and checked everything, told us that it's the modem. Then bro borrow one from a friend so now i can online lo.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shenzhen trip

I am back~

I reach home at 5am because we took 11.40pm flight from BaoAn Airport. Extremely tired. Took a bath and zz directly without unpacking because around 7am have to go out to have breakfast.
I enjoy this trip. On 4th night around 11pm something we reach Shenzhen then supplier picked us up from the airport and check in to a hotel at Sha Jing. OMG, there are so many channels in China!! Although I was very tired at that time but I still watched a while of TV and Zz at 2.30am. The next morning we have the buffet breakfast at 8.30am then heading to the factory. I learnt the different between ENIG and Flash Gold from this trip. After the plant tour the supplier was kind enough to send us to the hotel that was prepared by another supplier which located at Shi Long Zhen which is 1 and an half hour away from Sha Jing. After check in he even brought us to the IT mall nearby. I managed to purchase Kingston 2GB thumb drive with just RMB125 (RM59) for my dad.

That evening we had dinner with the boss from 2nd factory in the hotel we were staying. That was the 1st time I had fresh sashimi. The hotel name is Gladden Hotel (5 stars). Seriously, the hotel room was the same as the 1st hotel which is 4 stars.

The next day we visit the factory which is located at Hui Zhou. I was impressed by the condition of the machines and the cleanliness of the factory. They even own a ROHS tester. But the smell of the chemical was terrible. After the plant tour we managed to go for shopping somewhere behind the IT mall. I didn't buy any cloths because the design was too ah lian. But we got to buy some food as souvenirs. That was the last night I stay in China. I was so tempted to use the bath tub but I really don't have the time.

The last day in China we visited a factory which is located in Dong Guan. It was a 7 storeys building. The office was at the 7th floor. This was the biggest factory compare to the other 2. They own a large amount of machines for different purposes. That was the 1st time for me to see the machines for HDI PCB (Laser Drill). Yeah... I am 'Sua Gu'. The bad point is they need to install more air conditioner for the production site. It was so hot inside there. We went for foot massage after the plant tour. That was my 1st time. I was so nervous.

Before we heading to airport we went to Hua Qiao Bei to buy electronics stuff but the shop was closed at 6pm. So we went to Luo Hu instead. After shopping we headed to airport.
Now I have to write report :'(

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Changi Airport

I am in Changi Airport, Sg now writing this blog. Going to Shenzhen for work lo. Lucky isn't it? Coz i only joined this company for 1 month.

But too bad we are taking Tiger Airline. So this is the Terminal 2 which is for budget airline. This place is freaking small. You only can choose to have pastries, cakes, sushi or super expensive salad and sandwiches (SG$7.90++) So I only had a chicken pie which cost me SG$1.50 and a 330ml Avian mineral water SG$2.00 . No choice. We can't bring liquid now so have to purchase lo.

Am i coming alone? No, I am with my senior. She is online at the laptop zone there.
Shit.. I only left 3mins++.

Good luck to me.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Another IQ test by International High IQ Society I think this one is mroe accurate.

I am in super good mood now coz i know that I am not as dumb as i thought :) Somehow nobody believe this...

IQ Test

Test your IQ I got 130!! Don't believe? See below proof.

I AM PROUD~~~ challenge me.