Sunday, March 30, 2008

food freak

Sometimes i think i'm a food freak.

I have always afraid that i don't have food to eat. Ans that is why.. i store a lot of food in office.

Dear colleagues, look for me when u feel hungry.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

*snow* in Swansea

Another outdated post. Haha... i found that if i don't post it up i won't remember it.

Well.. it's quite rare for it to snow over Swansea here. Swansea is at the south of England.

View from kitchen window. Cars were covering with snow.

This is the hostel we stayed last time. A house with 9 single rooms and 1 double room.

Me.. holiding SP's video cam (there is a story behind the cam, teehee...)

Pretty right? Although the tree looks freaky..

There is a small hill behind student village. The view from there is very very nice. We manage to go to there during one of the snowing day.

Ladies and gentlement.. say hi to my big fat butt.

Swansea is a small town, there is no tall building.

The main charactor of every snowy day...

the SNOW MAN~~

So cute.. but too bad. It was made by some PhD students, not me.

Meet House 20's snowman...ermm... apparently, u need to study more in order to make a cute looking snowman.

If u think that he is ugly then u better see this one...

Wahahaha... i was involved in the making of these 2 ugly snowman. My problem?

Friday, March 28, 2008


Got this from Pauline



lol.. this is so funny. If just one day then what am i doing now?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

My Graduation - 20.07.2006

Browsing through my external hard disk and found these old pic. Gosh... i miss those time and i miss u guys~

right before the big day in front of our rented house (with johnson, boon and dad)

Dad is much taller than i, just that i was wearing 3 inches heels.. hehe...

That was the fattest me in my 23 years old life.

with boon and my tutor Dr McCowen

me, boon, Herman & CF (my classmates)

Johnson, who was only year 2 at that time, pretending that he has got his degree.

With CF's family. They are super friendly.

me with my housemates (boon, CF & yiwei)

After finish the final exam while waiting for the graduation ceromany, we actually have to moved out from the hostel (Hendrefoelan Student Village) and rent outside. So at that time, i was renting a house together with 5 other guys (i know it sounds a bit weird but then i trusted them ma). I was really close to them so not awkward at all then we also were busy with work, trying to earn as much $$$ as possible before going back to M'sia.

BTW, we did a lot of stupid stuff there, like posing stupid pose.

Pose# 1

3 future E&E Engineer & 1 future mechanical engineer

Pose# 2

Hohoho.. 3 inches heels


What were we pointing at? I have no idea. CF's mum asked us to do so :p

And the most meaningful shots....

Miss u guys yiwei, CF, boon & johnson. Miss those time we having steamboat together... miss those time we BBQ together and insulted by those guai lou live behind us... miss those time we went to Rhossili together...

Haiz... old now.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

My funny colleague - Pauline~

By end of this year we will be moving to PTP. PTP site looks so different from Senai plant. Haiz..

The place is so 'ulu' and got nothing there.
But then, still have to go there la. Although it is so damn far away.

Back to the topic, Pauline is funny. She got different different pose to work.
Pose #1

Pose #2

Forgive me, i'm too lazy to cover ur face. Hehe...
I went to Kenny Sia seminar in Landmark PC Fair that day. He is a bit... ermm... shorter than i thought... Overall, it was interesting. Never know that blogging also got tactics one.

Friday, March 21, 2008

working life

I am tired.

Now it's 7.57am Friday morning but i feel that it is just Tuesday. Why? Too busy recently.

Everyday OT OT OT. Only Wednesday i manage to go back early and sleep sharp at 10am.

*yawn* but seriously, i enjoy being busy :) Hehehe..(i'm a freak) if not it will be very boring to come to work. And i think this job is quite challenging comparing to previous one. Everyday, i'll have to deal with different people, settle different kind of things.

Sometimes it can be quite stress when everybody is chasing after you for some quotation, panel gerber, some cost down plan all that.. After all, i think i learnt a lot thro' this job.

But the sienz part is that it is in Senai and i live in Tmn Molek. So everyday i have to wake up at 6.05am, leave home at 6.50am and reach parcking lot at 7.27am. No, no traffic jam. I travel using highway all the way to Senai (RM5.80 of tol!!). So i have to try my best to reduce my petrol consumption and i am driving st 90~95 km/hour only. Save save save! But then not sure whether it really helps. Then most of time i have to face traffic jam on the way home. Usually just after Kempas exit where everybody travelling thro Seelong exit to highway and also highway exit to Pasir Gudang highway there. Pasir Gudang there is worst especially when it's raining. Many time traffic jam is only because of too many cars from highway trying to sqeeze into Pasir Gudang highway.

*yawn* waiting for breakfast time to come which is 8.30am. Without a cup of coffee i can't work :p ... Yesterday i told Pauline that i was sleepy and she said everyday i also sleepy one la. Hahahaha... paiseh lo. I have this illness since Primary School where i can't concentrate and always fall asleep.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Strawberry Cake - yummy

Strawberry allert~ No need to say anything, Japanese are awesome for creating all these. But then, seriously i don't like strawberry cake because i don't like sour food.
I prefer cheese!! Did i say cheese? Yes! CHEESE~