Friday, August 31, 2007

Jing Fu Gong Korean BBQ

Went to this place yesterday because he passed his exam and also because i got my pay already.
We ordered the set for 2 (Beef) and it's RM80++. I like this place, quiet and comfortable. The boss is from Korea but speak pretty good English. Here's the food. Man... this is a bit too much..

The service is good. The waitress help us to prepare this thing. This is the main course which is beef and it is delicious...

So we eat and eat and eat... but it's just too much for 2 person, we can't finish our food.

My fave are the beef, the soup and the rice. The people there are friendly. Just that it's a bit too expensive. BTW, it's just located above Shogun.

Here is my fave pic of that day..

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gabriel eating

Found these photos in my phone. Taken last time when Gabriel was here.
He will smile if he likes the porridge.
Mum is feeding him.

But he doesn't like his little green chair because it makes him feel not comfortable. So he will do like this...

I miss you little angel.


Mum went for fishing again. These are what she got.

There are 2 big fish this time.

Normally we can get this few types of fishes. I can't remember their name.

I love fishing too. We always go to kelong near Pulau Sibu there. Usually people only stay on kelong for fishing but we all prefer to go to deeper sea by boat. And that's the only way for us to get bigger fish. The kelong will provide us food (2 lunch, breakfast, dinner and BBQ supper) and place to sleep during the 2 days 1 night there. It will costs us about RM190+. The only bad point is that you have to use as little water as possible because it's hard for them to get fresh water and they don't have heater.
I enjoy fishing a lot espcially when I got the biggest fish (only happened once la). But due to my financial problem so I didnt join them this time.
Can't wait to join them again.

nice song

迷路兵 - 泪
深夜里, 无法习惯没有你
这距离, 痛得我不能呼吸
虽是梦幻, 愿沉醉

Saturday, August 25, 2007


It's traffic jam!

Yeah, it's the North-South highway. All thanks to Plus for repairing their road. Thanks to them that I have to spend more on petrol. Spending as little petrol as possible is my main concern now.
I was too boring since the car wasn't moving much so I took some photos. Luckily it's over. No more jam now.
Why is Senai so far away from my place laa.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

3 Dumbass + 1 Mak Cik

Today after work, as usual I use my Touch 'n' Go so that no need to queue. But when I reach Skudai Tol I was stucked. Why? Coz there is one Mak Cik donno whether she didnt reload her card or the card rosak already. Then all of us have to queue behind her bcoz it's the only Touch 'n' Go counter open there. So we waited for about 5-10 mins then a guy let the Mak Cik wait beside then only we can pass thro'.

So when I was going to exit Pasir Gudang highway to Jalan Masai, something interesting happened. There was 3 cars in front of me. The traffic light was turning red. This 3 cars ( a Taxi, a Proton Saga and a Van ) didn't stop but accelerate and turned right. I was thinking, what the heck this 3 cars and stopped in front of the traffic light. After the traffic light turned green, I turned right and saw these 3 cars stopping beside the road and a traffic police was there!!

Hahaha...I couldn't help it but keep laughing all the way go back home.

These 3 dumbass thought themselves very 'geng' and break the law assuming no traffic police will find out. There are a lot more people like them in Malaysia and I used to be one of them. Not until one time, I almost kill a motorcyclist when I was accelerating after the traffic light turned red. After that incident, I never do this anymore.

Yellow is for you to prepare to stop not to accelerate. Red is for you to stop.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The guy at the back

A guy rented the room behind our house and then the our nightmare began.......

This guy every night about 9.50pm he will begin to sing in the shower. After done with the shower, he will begin to sing with his guitar in the room. Ya, everybody got his/her right to sing but this guy....he can sing until 12 something le. I am not sure whether it's a chinese or an indian guy because sometimes i hear him singing chinese song but couldnt really hear what he is singing about. Is like someone eho donno chinese trying to sing a chinese song. U get what i mean? Then sometimes i can hear something like indian song. My neighbours said that he is a chinese but i doubt it.

Maybe this guy is our future superstar or the next Malaysia Idol....... eh.........possible?

Rush Hour 3

Watched it last Wednesday. Of course after work la.

Seriously,i HATE Jacky Chan. So the only reason for me to watch this movie is Chris Tucker.

It was super funny. Haha... There is one part where they went to look for the locker of the girl to get Shy Shen then ended up beaten by a super tall giant freak guy. After that the 'Yu' and 'Mi' part also made laugh till cry. Then when they were trying to save the girl ( who look like ah gua ) Chris Tucker and Jacky Chan singing in front of the audience, it was super funny.

To me the best part were the NG part at the end of the movie. Chris Tucker had serious problem in saying the words " Al poco Loco " ( something like that) while Jacky Chan can't say Secret Service and ended up saying "SEAFOOD" LOL...

Going to watch Ratatouille tomorrow. Hope it won't disappoint me.

no title

Started to work. Every morning 7am have to go to work then abt 6+pm only reach home. Lazy to blog after reach home.

Damn, i realise that i have to spend abt RM250-RM300 per month just for the petrol! Should i use the old road? But it's dangerous due to the lorrys and it's kampung area. I prefer highway lo. Hehe..i like speeding.

Arg, i donno what else to write.......

Saturday, August 11, 2007


This few days my heart was like a rollercoaster........

Sec school mate asked me out to have a gathering. I felt so happy. Then started to invite whoever i have their contact numbers. In the end, nobody is free. Only myself....

I realised that we have grown up. Everybody have their own new life. Some of them working in Sg, some of them working in KL, some of them still studying and only left a few working in JB.. I don't blame them. It's good for them to spend time with their family during weekend. Unlike me, haha...nobody at home. All of them went out. Now I'm not sure whether should I cook maggi as lunch or wait for my sis to come back and follow her and her bf to have lunch.

Or maybe, i should just go Tebrau City alone since I prefer shopping alone.

Another good place for Japanese food => Modern Revelation Restaurant

This place is also known as 现代启示录.
Went that day to this restaurant with my 3rd sis on Sunday. It just opened for a few days and is just behind my house. Althought It just open but this place is super packed! We went there around 7pm when it was still not packed. But it was fully seated around 8pm. It seems that alot of ppl likes to try new thing just like us.

This place only serves Japanese BBQ and is pretty expensive. The restaurant looks like a proper Japanese BBQ Restaurant where we have to take off our shoes and sit on the floor. They have 2 packages, one is for 4 person ( i forgot about the price ) and another one is for 2 person which is RM60++. We ordered that one. Of course they also sell the food seperately but the package more worth it lo. The package doesn't include any drinks so we have to order seperately.

Here's the food come. They put the ....erm... damn.. the thing with charcoal la for BBQ and a pot of miso soup with some veggies inside. We have many types of meat ( No pork, my sis don't eat pork ), some seafood ( fish, sotong, prawns.. ), veggies and also fresh mushrooms. U can choose to have them BBQ or steamboat. I have to say, the meat they provided were really good and the prawns were super fresh. The package also included ice-cream. They will provide u with some ice that so that u can put onto the charcoal to control the fire.

We really enjoyed it. In the end it cost us RM90++. I think this restaurant i'll only come again if there's any celebration. Can't afford to have it all the time >_<
Modern Revelation Restaurant
4, Jln Molek 1/10,
Tmn Molek 81100, JB
Tel : 07-3521803
Open: 11am - 11pm

Taman Sentosa branch
Modern Revelation Restaurant
79A, Jln Sutera 1,
Tmn Sentosa 80150 JB
Tel : 07-3356396
Open: 3pm - 3am

Saturday, August 04, 2007

My Angel Left...

Finally, the devil went back to KL *sob sob*
Starting to miss him. Like something missing in my heart...
Donno when can see him again. BTW, got time for myself already.
New job and new environment. Had lunch with supplier from SG in Palm Resort's Japanese restaurant yesterday. Super expensive food. But no need to pay :)
I guess I had make a right decision for choosing this job.