Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bowling Sesssion - SQE + PE

Date: 30 July,08

Time: 7-9.10pm

Venue: IOI Kulai

Team Yellow: VTCW, Pauline & Thresa

Team Maroon: Rajah, Zakiah & Karen

Team Yellow

From left: Pauline, VTCW & Thresa

Team Maroon

From left: Me, Rajah & Zakiah

Game 1

I didn't manage to perform well in Game 1 because my shoes got problem la. If not i sure can get higher score one.

Game 2

See See? After changed the shoes my performance become better. Got Strike le. (Although more Longkang la. Aiya, who care?)

Game 3: Didn't manage to take photo of it.

Here is the summary of the game.

I got the lowest point. Ok lo. But then hor i never score this bad before. I think la, it's because of the air-con is not working that's why i can't concentrate and can't perform well. SERIOUS~

I challenge VTCW and Pauline to play again this coming Saturday but they don't dare. Cheh~

Hahaha.... I am the Queen of Longkang.

Group photo: 38 Team Yellow vs Pro Team Maroon

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Procurement Team

There are 6 people in the procurement team. Me, Pauline, Shawn and BB Wong are the closest lo. We are the breakfast partner, lunch partner and also Tea Break partner. Yesterday after so many months we know each other we finally got to park our car next to each other. Hahahaha..

From left: Wira, MyVi, Altis and MyVi

From left: Pauline, me, Shawn and BB Wong.

BB Wong is the new name that i give to WS after Wilson proposed by Pauline. What BB stand for? Is Bear Bear in my version but is Bee Bee in Pauline's version. Hehehe...

Who is Shawn? This one lo....

oppss, he was fishing..

Who is the Pauline? This one lo..

Aiya, sorry. This is Pauline's desk. Pauline was away when i snapped this.

This is Pauline la.

She was talking to someone that she admire.

Cannot see her face? Try this one.

Apparently Pauline got no confidence in herself thats why have to cover her face.

Monday, July 28, 2008

I am weird

I quite crazy.

When i am stress or when i need to use my brain a lot, i will listen to noisy songs like Rock, Heavy Metal, Goth and even Techno.

During school time when i need to solve some complicated add maths, i will listen to Linkin Park, Evanescense and The Trax. I will open very loud. The noisiest the environment, the more i can concentrate.

Especially when i am driving. But I only turn it loud when i am on highway la.

Like today, a lot of things happened and i need to concentrate to look for a solution and also calm myself down. So i have been listening to Techno since morning until now.

Funny thing is i never go to club before so don't simply judge me.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Suey Weekend

This weekend really suey lo.

Saturday, one of the glass (yes, it is glass not plastic) suddenly slipped down from my spec and .... Luckily i still got an old spec for backup. Ask 3rd sis to send me to make a new spec immediately as i can't see very clear with the old spec but then her car cannot start. Battery flat.. At last i have to drive by myself.

RM340 has to be spent on the new spec and it can only be done by next Saturday. On our way back when i parked my car i accidently scratches sis's grey Wira. Argh....

Firstly, it was the handle bar. Parked at company carpark and some stupid driver knock his/her door on mine.

Then, it is the front bumper!! My fault! This is how it looks after i clean all the paint (grey one mostly).

Not so bad, i tell myself.


Today, went out to pump petrol. When i parked my car i accidently let go the brake too much and moved forward a little bit too much!!

I knocked on these bricks that mum use to put the flowers. Ah~~~~

This is the results!! Not so serious? You have to see the below one.. ~>_<~

AaaaaaHhhhhh~ i feel like killing myself!!

I drive so carefully on road but i scratched my baby twice in a weekend when i was parking my car in my own house!!!

Recently i am a bit hard to concentrate when i am driving. Is it because of the sick? But i feel very healthy now. But why??

This is the distance that i normally keep but today i failed!!! Damn it. There is no one else i can blame on but myself!! My stupidity!!

Sorry my baby... Mummy didn't take good care of you....


准备寿司饭,加入适当的醋 (根据个人喜好)。
准备你所喜爱的陪料- 蛋, 小黄瓜和蟹柳。

1)把紫菜铺平在竹x(不知道这个叫什么 =^_^=)






7)再加多一点蛋 (因为蛋煎太多了)




TADA~ 非常的粗喔。这样才够饱嘛~



Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gabriel in the house

Yes, it is the famouse Big Apple :) It finally reaches JB. It's delicious especially for the green tea one.

Gabriel is back. It's the peak season of the year so sis ask mum to bring Gabriel back to JB.

This little fellow is now 2 years old. He can sing a lot of songs now like 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "两只老虎", "客人来" etc. Still very naughty. Wanna follow everything we do.

Gabriel: I want this one. Popo go away!

Now if any of us trying to stop him from doing anything, he will ask us to go away. Naughty boy.

He is so adorable when he just stand there, doing nothing.

Like an angel with beautiful eyelashes.

Behind my house, there is a lot of 'bird bird'. Mum purposely throw some rice to attract them for Gabriel to see.

Argh... headache..

Didn't see Doctor. Think i am recovering. This proves that i am strong! Wahaha~~
I am in deep shit now. For the passed few months i have been spending more than what i earn. Still owe sis money. Now i am calculating every cent that i spend. So Pauline and Rye, please don't jio me for singk session anymore. Movie is fine for me. More affordable compare to sing K.

If any of you wanna buy me lunch or dinner, just let me know. I will appreciate it. Hehehe...

Or if any of you wanna change new Hp, can throw your old Hp to me also. My Hp hor, sometimes will shut down by itself, sometimes will hang and sometimes hor everything that i saved in the memory stick will lost too. Besides, the bluetooth never functioned before. Oh ya, because i bought this phone in UK so it can't read chinese word so please don't send chinese sms to me anymore ok?

Friday, July 25, 2008


Not feeling well since Monday. First sorethroat, then feel cold. After that flu and fever started...

The problem is, this is one of the busiest week. OT everyday except for Thursday. Thursday worked till 7pm only because on Wed i worked till 10.15pm.

Today Nuar哥 torture me. He set up a concall at 12.30pm-2pm and that is our lunch break time!!! Customer already replied the email before the concall so i asked him whether i still need to attend. He said, yes. So, 12.25pm i walked all the way to 227 and reached there about 8mins later (3rd floor le). After reached there before i even stop 喘气-ing, my part already settled -_- Walked for 8 mins only for a 2 mins concall. Then have to rush back to the front to go for lunch.

Think gonna go to see Doc tomorrow since can claim. If cannot claim i won't consult Doc lo. I always my body fight the virus. With this, my body will become stronger and that is why i seldom sick one.

Hohoho... Pauline is complaining about me seeing me updating my blog after i told her my work cannot finish :p Paiseh la.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


没想到会被 6 片 PCB 搞得团团转..
现在真的好累。脑袋从早上起就昏昏沉沉...还全身乏力~ 又发冷又好像饿鬼一样胃口奇佳。
不知道到底是谁的问题,为什么简简单单的6 片 PCB 会有这么多问题.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pauline 的信心被打击了

There is a new buyer just join PMC.

karenC says: she looks smart and 'yeh'
$pauline$ says: yup, with that hairstyle
karenC says: that only suitable for small face and has to be tall
$pauline$ says: her face small meh
karenC says: small.. u compare urs to her one then u will know..
karenC says:
her one is like Karen Mok size
$pauline$ says: i think her face is long wo
karenC says:不要生气,我不是故意要讲你的脸大
$pauline$ says: txx nxx sxx *censored* - dun compare mine la
karenC says: long nvm ma. She knows how to tie up her hair
$pauline$ says: Oh? you just said her face is small now you said long nvm?
karenC says: small in terms of width
$pauline$ says: i will see again, dunno your eeye or my eye problem
karenC says: no prob la, her face is small.... small = 不宽
$pauline$ says: i knw small =不宽 ..i think is 宽 lo, nvrmind whatever, this room more lenglui apart from xiao ling and pau lin
$pauline$ says: wahaha, the rest have to be more hardworking on it lo
karenC says: 如果酱想会让你开心点,我也替你高兴。
$pauline$ says: you know.. avoidance is no good for you...cheer up... you still young still can de!
karenC says: xxxxxx *censored*


Pauline 的汉语拼音烂到没有人有 lo.
I pronounced 水 as shui and she was trying to correct me and insisted that 水 should be pronounce as sui.
Then later on, i typed in msn 炸到 in Zha Dao. She tried to correct me again saying it should be za dao. I asked her to check it here then only she 心服口服.
Please la Pauline.. my Maths maybe not as good as you but 语言科 is always my 强项. You call me 'si fu' then maybe i can teach you more 汉语拼音. Hey Hey~

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Movie + Drinking session

Remember the heels that i bought that day? It looks pretty but it hurts~~

Last Thursday, not in the mood for proper dinner as it is 9+pm already. Took a pack of Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk.. and 3/4 个发霉的老婆饼.

Luckily my stomach is strong enough to deal with it.


Friday is the movie + drink drink day. Pauline was the organizer. Not easy i tell you. There was 5 of us. VTCW wanna watch Red Cliff and don't want to join the drinking session because he have to sleep early. ELSS have a concall from 5-7.30pm. Chin ok with anything. Me, i wanna watch Hellboy or The Dark Knight. And for Pauline, her main purpose is to drink beer.

At last, we went for The Dark Knight 9.30pm. Our seats were the 5th row from the screen. VTCW lo, he don't dare to watch HellBoy. If we watch Hellboy then we will be sitting at the 7th row from the screen which is better. Anyway, i am not regret la. The Dark Knight is a great show. Heath Ledger's version of Joker is much better than Jack Nicholson's version. Just too bad that this is his last movie.

My dinner before the movie. Baked rice with beef with 2 types of sauce (RM12.90). Yummy~~

Pauline's sandwiches (RM5.90). She wanted to save her stomach for beer.

After the movie we went for drinking at a place in Desa Tebrau. I only took a bit as i have to drive back by myself. No confident and don't want to risk. Pauline drank a lot. She trusted Chin and ELSS so much. If i am her, i will not drink so much if a guy i barely know will drive me home. Pauline have faith in ELSS wor. Maybe this is the Power Of LOVE. Wahahaha... We drank 3 buckets of Budweiser and Heinekan and it is FOC because ELSS give face to Pauline. See? The Power of Love again.


My bags are here!!!

I love them very much. The quality is good and it is super cheap to purchase online. In the market we can find these bags too but the seller will markup by 100%.

New dress with the price of RM39.90 after 20% discount. Ok la, the quality is not good. But with this price, can't expect too much. It goes well with the new gold bag :)

Bought it yesterday after singk session with Pauline. Siao liao la. If not because she is treating me i will not go lo as it is the 2nd time of this week for me to singk liao.

Ok la, gotta cook maggi mee liao. My lunch. Mum seldom cook lunch during weekend. Today i am alone at home. Dad went for gold as usual. Mum, 2nd sis and her hubby bring Gabriel to the private Zoo in Kulai. They actually planned to bring Gabriel to S'pore Zoo but they forgot to bring his passport back from KL -_-