Monday, June 30, 2008


This woman really take me for granted. The first 2-3 times, maybe she really needs my help. I don't mind helping her when it is something within my capability.

But now, she starting to make use of me. Don't tell me everytime she got no transport! This is too much. If she wants carpool then she should share the petrol or tol. But she didn't even let me know the reason why my help is needed. KNS~

She is driving a big and expensive car le and she is M. With bigger car and higher pay, how can she do this to me? I am just a junior who earn little and drive small car yet she take advantages on me!!

The first few times i thought she got no transport thats why tumpang me temporary so i didn't accept her offer of paying the tol but now it is more than that!! 食髓知味应该就是这样子。

Angry le. Beh Song!! TA MA DE. I was too naive.

With her in my car, i need to spend more on petrol. Normally i press my accelerator at certain level to reach 100km/hour.Now with her, i only can reach 90km/hour by pressing at the same level!!

Siao liao la.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ok, i am going to reveal my true self... I will not hide anymore.... I have made up my mind..

I want to show you the true narcissism.
This is not your average narcissism...

I will not wear anything. I will show you what is deep down inside me....

Ok, please sit still...

My side view. Close up. How? How is my new hairstyle? I feel that it has grow a bit long. Need to trim.

You can see from the back. It is a bob.

How's my back? Is my skin smooth looking?
What? You mean u can't see my skin? Okok... These are some of the X-Ray that i took that day. First X-Ray shows my Forward Head Posture.

Still spine..

You can see scoliosis from this X-Ray.

Here is the X-Ray report.

Cervical spine with open nouth view
Minimal scoliosis of upper thoracic spine. C1, C2 and Atlanto=axial joint appear normal. The remanining vertebrae and their appendages appear normal. The disc spaces are of normal calibre. The Saggital diameters of spinal canal are wihtin normal limits. The neurocentric joints appear normal.

Normal cervical spine examination.

Thoraco-Lumbar spine:
Mild scoliosis of thoracic spine. Minimal scoliosis of upper lumbar spine. The lumbar vertebrae and visible thoracic vertebrae as well as their appendages appear normal. The disc spaces are of normal calibre. The dimensions of the spinal canal are within normal limits. the Sacro-Iliac joints appear normal.

Thoracci spine and lumbar spine (AP erect 2 views)

Scoliosis of thoracic spine.

No evidence of any pathological/developement bony abnormally seen.

The Iliac Crests ossification centers are fused. The Sacro-Iliac joints appear normal.

Most of the terms i don't understand lo. But i know i got scoliosis la.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Please Respect

最近我学到了一个很残酷的事实, 那就是... 看起来再怎样老实的男人都有可能会出轨。





女人可能在有些事方面会比男人差,但女人决对比男人细心。女人不用象男人那样吃喝嫖赌。女人最多也只是 shopping 而以。





I believe there is ghost..

Yesterday went for dinner after work to farewell for Cindy. I throw my badge into my car's drawer to keep it safely as my Touch 'n' Go is attached with the batch. After back from dinner, i took out my jacket as usual from the drawer. It was about 10pm. After reached home, i tried to search for my badge i found nothing. I can't find it in the drawer!! Then i search my bag, it was not there too. I thought it have dropped on to the floor when i took out the jacket. So i search again with car's light but cannot find. It was qutie late already so i went to take shower first. After shower i use my LED torchlight to see but still cannot find.

This morning, i searched again while warming up my car. This time it was quite bright already. I can see clearly. I search the drawer, no. Search inside the car, no. Search my bag, no. Search my jacket, no. Started to feel panic as my Touch 'n' Go is attached with the badge. Then, i realise that it might has been dropped to the back of the drawer. I then tried to search for a while then gave up as it was quite late already.

Who knows just after i took out RM2.90 for the tol later, the badge mysteriously appeared on my lap!!!! I can't explain it but it just suddenly appear like that. SPOOKY~~~~

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I got FHP!!

That day we made sushi to impress dad. Dad loves Jappy food.

Here are the ingredients we used - eggs, timun and crabstick. The basic one lo.

Our first attempt doesn't look appetizing at all..

But we really put a lot of efforts in it.

TADA~~~ hoho, it really taste good.


On Friday appointment with Dr Michael, we were told that all 3 of us are having Forward Head Posture (FHP). My FHP is 49mm which is causing 110% of nerve loss. FHP is the main reason for scoliosis as it is at the top of the spine. My scoliosis is 13 degree, 3rd sis 14 degree and 2nd sis 15 degree. Talking abot scolisis, it is proven that 90 percent of stomach ulcer is due to scoliosis at the mid back bone which i am having right now (mine is T8). No wonder i'm always having gastric and my stomach is so weak. FHP is also the main cause of subluxation. Subluxtion is then causing dislocate of spine, slipped disc and nerve under pressure.

Doc said although FHP is very common but it is not normal. The cause of it is wrong posture since baby time. I saw the side view of my cervical spine, it freaks me out. I will show it here when i get back my X-Ray. Doc did some adjustment for our spine which caused inflammation to the disc for the whole day. But after the adjustment i can have more correct posture compare to previously.

This morning, we had the last appointment with the Doc. It is regarding treatment. Basically this Doc is arrogant lo.

Doc: Do you value your health?

Me: Yes.

Doc: Then you need to come for the treament. For the first 3 months you need to come 3 times a week. Then for the next 4 month 2 times a week. Here is the timetable. Do you think you can make it?

Me: I can only make it for Saturday treatment...

Doc: Then you are NOT QUALIFIED for the treatment.

Doc: Where do you work?

Me: Senai.

Doc: Ok, i understand. It's not only the distance but also the traffic. However, if you ever change your job, you can always come back to me. You can call the nurse to arrange.

Me: Ok.

Doc: I really want to help you as your body is already showing a lot of symptoms which is totally unacceptable.

Me: ...

He is a nice guy la but the schedule, i think most people is not going to make it.


Anyway, after the appointment i went to Tebrau City for movie, Get Smart.

It is super funny!! Can be compared to Night at the Musuem lo.

Had lunch at Kenny Rogers. Taken Quater chicken (orignal), Potato Salad, Parsley Potato and BBQ baked beans.

And also the yummy yummy vanilla muffin (the best muffin i ever had) and Iced Chocolicius Milk.

Friday, June 20, 2008


People who knows me sometimes ask me what is FA, as i always put my msn display name as 'Call me FA Queen', 'My place flooded with FA' and so on. Here, i will show you.

FA = First Article
And since i am a PCB Procurement so FA = PCB

Under my table, there used to be 3 carton box of FA. Now left one only coz i have cleared la.

It need to be discarded when there is wrong submission.

I am not the only PCB Procurement so i am not the only one with messy table. Hehe...

See Pauline's table!!

Yalah, i know not as much as mine because she got less NPI.

Can you imagine? My FA + her FA, how would it looks like?

Tada~ a mountain of FA!!

And that was only on the table itself!!!
See the floor!!

Pauline also tak tahan.

And other colleagues already get used to it so they also boh chap us.

Okok, i was just being exaggerate. The floor and table is only this messy when we are cleaning. We are not so messy all the while la

Monday, June 16, 2008

Japanese Buffet -

Went to Sg last weekend. Other than Great Singapore Sales, our main purpose is Japanese buffet.
It is which is located in Suntec City. S$39.90 per person (+ all the charges = S$46).

Definitely worth it lo. You have to see the food......

Unlimitted amount of sashimi, king prawns and mussels..

The salmon is super fresh and the prawns are so sweet.

And this one, the crabs!!!

You can eat until your lips swollen like us. It is so delicious and fat. Oh~~~

Unagi, soft shell crabs and fried fish (the one whole body filled with egg one).

The fish and soft shell crab is good but i don't really like the unagi. A bit tough.

The seafood soup taste so good until i forgot to take of photo of it before i eat. Hehe..

Then it's the desserts..

Ladies and gentlemen..... TA DA~

There were 2 table of such desserts bar.

Doughnuts of different flavours..

Cakes!!! This is just a part of it.

Tiramisu, chocolate cream puff, white chocolates, cheese cakes......

And there is also some special desserts which only have a limited of quantity like this one.

Look so yummy.

And also Japanese ice cream like this one. The ice-cream was inside the small orange shape container.

It is not creamy and i don't really like it. I preferred the chocolate ice-cream beside it!!

Mango pudding!! Not bad.

Hohoho... different flavoured mochi, fruit tarts and chocolate cream puff.

There is chocolate fondue over there!!! We had our marsh mallow, grape, banana and prune dipped with chocolate!!!

Hahah... i bet i at least gain a kg of weight after this buffet but i am quite satisfied :)

3 Temasek Boulevard
Suntec City Tower 1 #03-002
Tel: +65 62387088

Mon - Fri = Adult S$26.90++
Sat, Sun & Public Holiday = Adult S$28.90++

Mon - Fri = Adult S$35.90++
Fri, Sat & Sun, Eve of & Public Holiday = Adult S$39.90++

Mon - Sun
Lunch & Dinner = Child S$16.90++ (below 1.4m)
Senior Citizen (less 10%)

Operation hours
11.30am - 3.00pm
5.30pm - 10.00pm.

My precious back bone

Ok, i just found out last Saturday that other than Scoliosis i have Subluxation as well.

After the roadshow in City Square, we (me and my 2 sisters) got promotion to get a spine check up with the price of RM50 with Dr Michael G. Murphy (Doctor of Chiropractic, USA) from Spine & Posture Chiropractic Centre (Unit 13A-01, Level 13A City Square Office Tower). The appointment was on Saturday 2.15pm. The girl from there keep calling me to remind me about the time of the appointment and told me to reach there on time. So we reached there around 2.05pm. They let us to just sitting there waiting for our turn for an hour. We were really angry lo coz we will be going to Sg straight away after the appointment.

Anyway, it is proved that 3 of us have Subluxation. What is Subluxation? See here and here. I am having Subluxation at my lower back, upper back and my neck. Doctor said my Subluxation is very close to my brain so it's gotta affect my whole body's nervous system. The nervous system controls and coordinates all organs and structures of the human body. Misalignment of spinal bertebrae and disc (Subluxation) may cause irritation to the nervous system which could affect the structures, organs, and functions of the body. Cham la like that.

There are a lot of possible symptoms. Out of that list, i have:
  • headaches
  • dizziness
  • allergies
  • acne or pimples (haha.. this one also caused by subluxation)
  • throat conditions such as sore throat ( i have always suffer from sore throat)
  • stiff neck
  • difficult breathing
  • shortness of breath
  • gastric
  • cramps (always cramps especially when i am driving)
  • menstrual troubles such as painful or irregular period
  • bed wetting (NO LAH, i was just joking)
  • backaches
  • weakness in the legs

Gotta take half day leave tomorrow to take X Ray then pass to the Doctor. He will be giving us detail report on Friday 1pm (gotta take MC for it) and Saturday 9am. At that time, we will know how serious is our condition and whether treament is required. Haiz.. It's all about money. Gotta pay about RM125-RM250 tomorrow for the X Ray then RM95 on Friday. After that if further treament is needed the more money lo. I am really poor la. Donno got people gonna sponsor me or not. Somemore the treament could be as much as a few times a week.

The more i read about Subluxation, the more i am worry about myself. I will not be able to afford the mediation fees for sure. Somemore fuel price is so high now.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

智慧牙 = 智慧?

Today, my msn display name is 'karenC 因为太有智慧了,所以我的智慧齿弄得我好痛'
Kena 'suan' by yiwei.

易为wei says: 智慧牙痛,是因为你下巴太小了,装不下全数牙齿; 下巴太小, 是因为你发育不良。。。。
me : kns, 是因为太有智慧了.
易为wei says: 那就多些抬举了..
易为wei says: 我的智慧牙长齐了
易为wei says: 那是七年前的事了
易为wei says: 还有, 因为天嫉英才,我要长命所以拔掉了
易为wei says: kakakaka....
me : geksim...


BTW, today I let them do this test.


1. 被蜡烛滴。
2. 被皮鞭抽打。
3. 被手铐铐住。

Survey has been done on 5 females and 3 males and the results are
female all chose 3. 被手铐铐住。 and 2 guys chose 1. 被蜡烛滴。, one guy chose 2. 被皮鞭抽打。

The answer for the test is:

1. 被蜡烛滴。

2. 被皮鞭抽打。

3. 被手铐铐住。

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


My whole family is watching 太王四神记 now. It started when mum borrowed the original DVD from my auntie in Sg (Yes, is ORIGINAL DVD le).

Now, mum is watching, dad is watching, 2nd sis is watching, 3rd sis is watching and myself also watching. But all of us at different episode. Mum reach episode 25 and i am still at episode 9. So when mum is watching, we will watch as well. Now we all know what will happen later lo when we watch the drama but we just couldn't resist it. Weird huh~ This is the first time for my faimly to act like this. As for myself, i never feel so tempted to watch one drama.

Mum actually dreamt of herself becoming 秀芝妮. Hahaha... so funny la. She is really addicted to the show. She keep asking us to put one of the DVD player to the TV in kitchen so that she can watch the drama while she is cooking.

Yesterday, dad and 3rd sis using living room TV to watch 'So You Think You Can Dance' on Channel 5. Mum very beh song lo. She keep saying that there is so many TVs at home why they wanted to use her TV. She wanted to watch the drama all that. Then, guess what... she even threatened my dad that if he don't let her to watch her DVD then she will not cook for him anymore. Walao eh~~ so childish hor. Beh tahan~~ 7 more episodes to go for mum. After this drama, there is still 5 dramas waiting for her to watch. Hahaha....... Cham lo...

Sunday, June 08, 2008

08.06.08 2nd sis R.O.M

It is 2nd sis's ROM today at Kluang because Ee Tyin is from Kluang lo.

On the way to Kluang...

The ceremony is at 10.30am. We reached Kluang about 9.30am. We went to the famouse Railway Cafe to have breakfast. Man~ the taste of the coffee is SOooo GOOD!! I can't describe. But it is making me wanting to ask for more coffee!!

After the breakfast we went to 德教会.

Pretty white roses..

soon-to-be Mrs Hoe

Mr & Mrs Hoe before the ceremony

the sisters. Hohoho.. i am so tanned which i don't really like it.

Right before it. They don't know what to do, no experience at all (Hahaha.. of coruse no experience la)

the flower and the diamond rings

We will love each other forever....

signing the contract that will bond them for their life

exchanging the rings

the family. Ee Tying's parents and my parents.

And last but the least, legendary pose...........................

Hahaha... as per requested by us, they were forced to pose in this way. I now announce you Mr & Mrs Hoe :)