Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Moustache = Beard?

I went to City Square on the Saturday while i was waiting for 3rd sis. Ya, wearing shorts and slippers. It was so embarassing. Bought new Skinfood product. Hehe... BTW, Shawn's wife said she saw me. Damn it.

Saturday night went to Tebrau City with mum coz my drawer empty already, no coffee, no tea, no food.. Who knows, when we got down from my car just before we enter Tebrau City my mum met my aunties. Then she straight away jump on to their car follow them to Zon.. elft me alone in front of Tebrau City.... It was 8.15pm. So i shop alone lo. Wanna buy some cloths but cant find something that can attract me. Went back alone at 10pm lo.

Sunday, suppose to meet cathy, alicia and meini at BOCA cafe (Pelangi area) at 12noon. I reached there at 11.45am and saw nobody. Called cathy and she told me already postponed to 2pm :'( *sad* Then i went to Leisure Mall to shop lo. Got new stuff for my baby :)

Luckily cathy reach early also around 12 something. On the same say i have met ah wong and daphne as well. I enjoy lo although very tired. Reached home at 10pm again.

Inside Boca - Boca is located just beside Sosaku Japanese buffet.


Hohoho... Pauline taught me new stuff yesterday. According to her hor in english these hair on guy's face should be call in this way.

Instead of


har? You said you knew it? Sorry la, i am not as clever as you.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What i eat...

These are what i eat...

At home when mum is not there...

At work, when mum is still not there....

At McD, when love is there..

At home, when love is not there.. *sobsob*

And this is what Pauline eat everyday..

Hmmm... that's why I am not healthy.


I remember last time when i was young, when we had whole chicken, me and my bro will have the drumsticks and 2nd sis and 3rd sis will have the chicken wings.

It tastes so good! I love drumsticks.

When i grow older, we started to not having the drumsticks and chicken wings because we want to let others have the chance to eat also.. and in the end, no one eat.


And now... it is totally different. Mum will take 1 drumstick and 1 wing.
I remember there is once after she had the drumstick, she still complaining that

' I want chicken wings le. I took drumstick coz i can't find the chicken wing. I don't like drumstick one :( '

Hahaha... let her be la. No matter what it's still chicken.

I am innocent.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Umbrella incident

Went to Coffee Bean to have lunch on Tuesday. Unfortunenately left my umbrella there. Only realised it after reach office. So i decided to go Lavender for lunch on Wed at the same time can get my umbrella back. U know why i don't want to go there to get it straight away after work on Tues? Because i don't to pay RM2.50 for parking just to get the umbrella lo.
I approached the waiter

Me:' Yesterday i left my umbrella here.'
Waiter: 'Which one? *Laughing* we got a lot of umbrellas here'
Me: '-_- Purple with yellow stripes'

Apparentlly a lot of people forgot their umbrella there :)

Btw, after lunch in Coffee Bean when we are on our way back to office we almost kena bang by a van. I was driving at that time, that bloody reckless van driver didn't wait for the green light and straight away drive towards my right side ( my side was green). Almost bang lo. Very very close. Pauline shouted and all i think was 'walao, how is bugger drive one le'. Hahaha... Siao~


Pauline and i very boh liao one. Here are some of the sms conversation between us.

Faster come back. Wait for u yamcha

You la. Now i hang here liao.

Don't care abt him la. Put stuff there straight away come back. No need to flirt with him la.

Go to hell!

Hohoho.. because 'him' referring to a Malay technician who she always chat with.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


这个坏蛋pissed me off again.

Just right after the fight with 黑山老妖, he seems like totally forgot about it and blame me again for the same thing. Oh ya.. again, he loop all the bosses and he think that he is doing the right thing.

Kanasai!! He think i will feel scared if he loop everybody. Please lah.... everybody except for his bloody useless team knowing that it is his problem.

How am i suppose to know when there will be a demand? I am not God, i can't predict and i am not clever enough to guess. So if nobody inform me, how the hell am i going to know when i have to trigger the submission? As if i can access the system which i have highlighted to their fucking team that i CAN'T?

Why do i have to work with this bunch of KNS human being? Oh... are they human being? This i am not pretty sure because they don't act like one. I feel so sorry for the company for having this bunch of ... of ... THINGS!

非常生气!! 他妈妈的.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some really old pics - szeyee's Bday 2005

The purpose of this blog entry is to show off some pictures taken ages ago which i was supposed to send these photos to those babes but i failed to do so.

rena, chienwen, jieluan, sherman, szeyee & me

meinee, cathy & qinyi

younger me with the Bday girl.

I looked like kena punch


Can u see what is in the photo?? Sorry, i know it is blur but please see hardly.

Still no clue? See this one.

Hohoho.. is a cute little rat.

But too bad this rat live in the office. He looked very small and weak. I tried to catch him but no luck and no time. In the end my colleagues in the same office called our cleaner to catch (at that time all guys already went back home, left girls).

So he died in the end. Not sure how the cleaner settled him.

Went to get some massage on my shoulder this morning. This sinseh is a weirdo. He don't like people to talk a lot. All he asked was when i hurt and he straight away massage after knowing i hurt my shoulder (didn't ask me the exact location). However, he got good skill la. Just massage for 1 minute then he got RM20 income. Good huh.

Har? Gonna pay car installment again....

Friday, April 18, 2008

My shoulder

The pain is spreading. My whole right hand feel so pain, numb and 酸.
It wouldn't be so bad if i am left-handed.

Now no matter how i position my right hand, i still feel pain. The pain is from inside. I can't rub to reduce the pain. Damn. Still have to drive back later.

Pauline got new definition for my size, It is either 'O' or 'F'.

O = Obsolete

By the way, we just got a nickname for 黑山老妖's kah kia the chocolate which is Wild Boar 山猪. Hahaha... after quarrelling with me yesterday, he still can joke with me today. Crazy people.

Had chicken chop just now as lunch. I thought i should have overcome my chicken chop phobia but no. After having half my chicken chop i can't take it anymore. Feel like vomiting. Haiz.. i wonder why.


Yesterday I 大战黑山老妖 . This 黑山老妖 is a nasty woman which everybody hates her except her boss (that's the problem lo). Yesterday she and her kah kia a.k.a. the chocolate trying to push their uselessness to me and looped all bosses.

The chocolate didn't inform me the schedule earlier and just straight away blame for not doing my job. As usual, he loop all the bosses. Of course i won't just let him 'wat' like that. I shoot back. As expected, 黑山老妖 shoot back, protecting her useless kah kia even though they are at fault and at the same time shoot LT's team. Of course LT team won't just let her 'wat' like thta so shoot back lo.

Then i do some research on their job scope and shoot them back. The 黑山老妖 not able to reply me as i was stating the fact. My boss protect my team lo and shoot back but we were not in the loop so didn't know about the detail.

Anyway, this 黑山老妖 team is so irritating. Everytime wanna push everything to other people without thinking that it's their job. KNS la these people.

BTW, sprained my shoulder yesterday when i was trying to stop my umbrella from falling down without turning my body. Hahaha.... i deserve it. Now, it still very pain.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My pathetic size

Today during lunch they were discussing what to give to me as Birthday present.

Shawn: Buy wonder bra la.
Me: Ok ah. My size is 'F' *proudly*
Shawn: F stand for Free Size ah? There, those for teens one.

Everybody laughing.

Just now before Pauline went back.

Me: I am F.
Pauline: bu yao lian
Me: F = Free Size
Pauline: No la.
Me: hahahaha...
Pauline: E = Eliminated
Me: *sobsob*

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Public Transport reckless drivers

Last weekend when we were on theway to KL saw this bus speeding and driving recklessly. Dad asked me to report tp LPKP. Below is the sms.

To: 39900
JHX 7627 Causeway Link bus speeding on highway at Pedas Linggi here, exceeding 110km/hr and also driving recklessly. Please take action as it endangers others.

And here is the reply from them.

From: 39900
RM0.50 LPKP menghargai keperihatinan anda. Tindakan segera akan diambil ke atas aduan ini. Untuk rujukan, sila ajukan no aduan (200800008746)

-_- RM0.50 gone. And i doubt they will take action against this driver.


This morning went for breakfast with 2nd sis, her bf and mum at Somewhere near Plaza Pelangi there.
When on the way back, we nearly bang a Taxi with passenger on it. The driver is a Malay guy, he just cut to people lane like that even though we horn him many times. TMD, very pek cek. His taxi's number plate is HJ 7084.

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Aaaahh...... it's that time of a month again. Every month around these days i have to suffer from;
  1. Pimples popping out
  2. Constipation
  3. Too much air in my body
  4. Gastric
  5. Cramps
  6. kah neng
  7. Headache
  8. Bad temper
  9. No appetite
Luckily today is Saturday, no need to work. Woke up in the morning, gastric badly, my stomach cramp. Sitting on the bed hugging myself for a while before i can brush my teeth. After that, took my breakfast, took my pinky panadol and went to service my car and settle credit card bill.

Now, back at home, took lunch, gastric still there. I think i should rest.

Dizzy........ feel like vomitting...

Friday, April 11, 2008

kah1 neng4

After having 4 cups of teh + 3 bowls of green bean soup in 3 days, i got kah neng and qiu neng. I walk very slow compare to usual and when driving it is worst. I can hardly feel my legs. I have to punch my legs to feel them while i was driving on highway. On Wednesday night it was only my kah neng but yesterday, even my hands neng.

There was a Honda Civic with HID light drive very very fast all the way last night. I managed to overtook him at Skudai tol there because his Smart Tag got problem. Hahaha.... I was thinking... this fellow drive so fast and use Smart Tag some more, but just too bad either he got no credit or his Smart Tag spoilt.

After the exit from Kempas, i changed to the right lane as usual as there is a lot of trucks coming out from Kempas driving very slow, slow as in.. less than 90km/hr la. Just after i changed to right lane i started to regret. I saw the Honda Civic was behind me. He was very far away at first, but with the super high speed, very soon he reached me. I can't change back to left lane as there is no space for me to squeeze in. All i can do is accelerate lo. He was tagging so close to me that i can't see his car from the mirror. With my kah neng situation, i can hardly control the car at the speed of 100km/hr so of course i dare not to exceed 100km/hr lo. I was a bit panic as i can't drive faster, the car is already controlling me instead of me controlling it.

Luckily, at Bandar Dato' Onn exit there i manages to change back to left lane. If it is any other day i shouldn't make such a big fuss of it but i was qiu neng and kah neng. 100km/hr feels like so much more than that. Reached home safely after that... of course.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Went to canteen in the factory as usual for breakfast. Took some fried noodles and fried egg. I gave the uncle RM5, then he hold my RM5 note, topped up another RM3.80 and give to me. I was shocked. I paid RM5 and he return to me RM8.80. He blur liao la. U know, i am honest type of person so i gave him back the RM5.


Heard a joke yesterday. Deloitte is here to audit so they took one meeting room. Our meeting room is the type with big glass window so that people from inside can see outside and people from outside can see inside.

On Monday, Shawn and Wee Siong passed by the meeting room and saw one of the auditor (a professional and good looking lady) was actually DIGGING GOLD inside. She was sitting facing the window and alone in the meeting room. When their eyes met, the lady shocked for a moment and turn to the side very fast. Wahahaha... please lah lady. Don't do this kind of thing at this kind of place ok.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It is unforgivable

I am so unforgivable. I hurt him again. I was too angry that day and blame him on blog without considering the consequences. Then i didn't manage to remove it last night.

Now it's too late to apologize.

I am sorry... hope there is a chance for both of us.. i really hope so...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008


It is really over now...........

Monday, April 07, 2008

Pauline's Birthday

It was Pauline's birthday last Friday. We supposed to buy her the present on Monday but postponed until Thursday night. I went to Tebrau City straight away after work to buy her present. Got her a MNG wallet (which she doesn't like), a necklace and 3 pairs of earring. I think the earring are nice la. Very bling bling. At the same time, i also bought a panties for her,white with red stripes and ribbon. Wahahaha....

In the afternoon we went to Shi2 Pin3 Jie1 in Kulai to have lunch together. The food over there not bad la and can consider quite ok lo the price.

That is KC Chan.

Took with Shawn's 5 mega pixel Nokia phone but - blur-

This one better. Obviosuly it's the photographer's problem. And who is the photographer? The one that is not in first photo lo :p

The Procurement team in Flex Senai :) The one and only photo. From bottom (left) Shawn, Pauline and Mr. Well...oppss...sorry, i mean Wee Tat. From top (left) Cheryl, me and Wee Siong. Shawn and Cheryl are the 'old birds' among us. And yes, what Pauline holding was the wallet that she doesn't like. Really so ugly meh? Black one lagi ugly le.


You know what, i might looking boyish and even acting boyish.. but deep down inside my heart i am very girlish one. I always wanting to wear something like this...

I want to look sweet and cute sometimes also le eventhough most of the time i am more casual. Haiz... Cannot la, i look old with my spec. But i cant wear contact lenses anymore. Last time still can wear, but now wear 2~3 hours i already have to use eyedrop liao (Johnson & Johnson 1-Day Acuvue Moist is overrated, no use for me). Doctors said my cornea is too sensitive and dry and i've got oily lids. Yes, you heard me, is Doctors (plural). I have seen Eye specialist from KL GH (the super cute Doctor :) ), Tong Shin Hospital KL, Puteri Specialist JB and also emm... a small clinic name something start with S located neat to Plaza Pelangi. Haiz.. why others can wear contact lenses but i can't? Wearing spec is so troublesome. You have no idea how heavy is it coz mine is made from glasses, not plastic.

Lasek? Lasik? No spare $$ for it. I have been wearing spec since i was 4, so already 20 years. Can you imagine?! No choice lo. One of the reason is gene and the other one is i like to read a lot. Ahahaha.. i still haven't finish my Digital Fortress and Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Another ordinary week

New purchase... MAC Powerpoint in Stubborn Brown


Someone said i should be junk food freak instead of food freak :) Here's my drawer on 31 March.

As you can see from the picture, my Mamee is getting lesser which means... i ate alot lo.

And that's why i've got sore throat. Joanne 'Mummy' gave me this.

All the while i thought this is Rhino brand but in fact it is Sea Horse brand. Drank all, didn't help at all. Overrated.

By the way, i want to share this with you, this thing is so yummy~

First time i had it, it was from a colleague, he bought it from Taiwan. I donno how to explain the taste, but until now i still can remember the taste. That colleague told us that this can be found in Jusco, but i always forgot to look for it when i go to Tebrau City. The one in the pic is from Jusco Terengganu :) I will not eat it until i found it in Tebrau City.


On April Fool day in the carpark 4 Myvi of Black, Red and White were parked together side by side. When i saw it, without thinking much i straight away park my green Myvi there. Hey hey, look so much like Perodua Showroom. Just that we still lack of Silver, Maroon and Gold.

Hohoho... 2 of my colleagues notice it too.


You know, a lot of trucks here drive very fast. I saw this one, at that time i was driving at 95km/hr and i think this truck was driving at the speed of 120km/hr.

Aiya.. i know, i drive very slow on highway. Wanna save petrol ma. My baby cost me a lot every month.

Just now on my way back, on Pasir Gudang highway saw this special Kembara

What so special about this car? See properly.... (sorry i know the photo is blur, i was driving ma.)

Can receive Astro?