Monday, September 29, 2008

Bless her..

I am so moody i am so down..... I have lost control of myself. Starting to shout at mum and sis.
I donno what else i can do other than wait until tomorrow morning. I will accompany her the whole night.

The Last Days
Perhaps your dog has shown signs of aging. He is not as agile, has grown blind, deaf, or has trouble with incontinence. Perhaps he has cancer or a disease that cannot be cured. You have been to the vet many times. The last days of your dog are here.
With the guidance of your vet, you may learn that it is in the best interest of your pet to euthanize him. If this is the case, once the drug is administered, death will be imminent and quick. Before this happens, make sure you speak softly to your dog and tell him what a faithful pet he has been to you and your family.

Common Symptoms of Dying Dog

  • Excessive sleeping
  • Limited movement
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Slower heartbeat
  • Incontinence
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Runny eyes
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Tail between his legs
  • Lethargy
  • Less coordinated than usual
  • Shaking or twitching
Take time to make sure your dog is taken care of as he dies. Give him a good death. As you continue to watch for the many symptoms of dying dog, call your vet to make sure that what your pet is experiencing is normal. Ask questions. Your vet may give you some pills to ease your pet's restlessness, or to alleviate any pain. The following suggestions will help as you prepare for your dog's last days.
  • Keep him well hydrated even if he cannot get to his water bowl. Give him swallows or sips of water through a medicine dropper.
  • Even if he isn't eating as much as he used to, provide food. If he cannot get to his bowl, bring it to him. Help him take some bites. Mixing dry dog food with water will make swallowing it easier.
  • If he is unable to go outside to urinate, surround him with waterproof pads. Doggie diapers are also a possibility.
  • Make sure he is comfortable.
  • Gently rub his fur and talk to him.
  • Clean his ears or brush his fur.

Seriously, she is now showing most of the symptoms. I keep telling myself and her that she will not die. I believe that she will hold on...

She has been with me for 14 years. When i am sad, she will be there listening to me. When i feel lonely, she will be there for me too... She is more than a pet to me.. She is one of our family member! I love her... But i couldn't afford to give her the best. When i am finanicially independent, she has already get old.

I am sorry, Fanny. I didn't able to take good care of Danny, Daisy, Coco, Kiki, Miki, Lil's Danny and Big Bee Bee but i promise you i will not treat you the same. I will make it up. So please give me the chance to make it up.....

Don't call me!

Please, i am on leave ok?

Yes, i don't mind to check email and reply email if i am free. But please DO NOT call me!! I don't want to answer any work related call when i am not working!!! Why are u calling me? Why are u keep sms me asking me whether u can call? And when i told you that i don't want to answer any call why are you still calling me?! Fxxking hell.

Please respect me. I am not a sales engineer. I don't have to answer call whenever you feel like calling me!! You are so bloody annoying! Not everything need to settle thro' phone call. And you know, you are so nagging. You just don't want to end conversation with a few sentence. At least each phone call will last for 15 minutes! Please~ You are not the only person that i deal with, i don't have so much time for you. Don't call me whenever you feel boring!!

Really cannot tolerate this fellow. When i am angry, when i can't tolerate, i will scold him. All he did was laughing and thinking i am just joking. Can't you differentiate? Why do i bother to joke with you when i am not free and you are just wasting my time? And, don't sms me asking me to call you all the time. I am your CUSTOMER! I don't have to call you whenever you want to look for me.


Today really pek cek. Wanted to bring Fanny to see Vet but Permas one closed on Monday. Then i drove to Molek one, the Vet is outstation and will only be back on Friday. Fanny is keep vomitting. She don't dare to eat anything because whatever she eat, she will vomit out..

I think i have to cancel the Melaka trip. Sorry Pauline, VTCW & ELSS..
Fanny is really not doing well. She is not eating at all. She can't really move around. She is losing a lot of weight. I really afraid that she will just leave like this........

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Short note: This entry might be disgusting to some of u. Hahaha..

5.00am - Awaken by a weird pain feeling in my stomach....... period? No. So i went to pee and back to sleep.

5.30am - The pain feeling is still there. It is so weird. Long time never had this kind of feeling before. Cold sweating. Cannot sleep. Sit on the bed, think and think, not sure what is it but decided to went to toilet.

5.35am - Starting to output something.

5.40am - The pain is so extreme. Sweating and sweating. Almost pengsan in toilet.

6.00am - Finally done. Pain is still there. Sitting on the bed, holding the blanket, sweating.

6.20am - Sit till fall asleep. Not so pain anymore. Lie on bed and fall asleep.

6.45am - Awaken by pain. Rush to toilet. It is fluid this time.

6.55am - Done. No more pain. Went back to sleep.

一风堂 - 日本拉面馆

Location - Indahpura, Kulai.
Farewell lunch (farewell to Senai, haha) with Anderson, Jane, Pauline, Shawn, WS and I.

Pauline's Iced Cappucino. WAA~~ got umbrella somemore.

Yummy sashimi~~ SHould be expensive lor. But i don't care lar. I am not the one who is paying the bill.

Tempura ebi.

Unagi Bento A - ordered by Shawn and WS.

Unagi Bento B - Pauline. Serves with rice, soup and jelly which were not in the photo.

Sweet & sour chicken - Anderson.

Salmon & fried rice - Jane.

Here is mine...
Teppanyaki beef terriyaki style.

closed up.. The beef is fresh and tender due to not well done. I will say it is medium at the time i ate. Yummy~

They all left the table when i say i wanna take photo with them =_=//

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bye-bye to Senai

Finally, yesterday was the last day in Senai. The moving plan has been postpone sicne 18 Aug. So i myself was well prepared since that time.

We started off our last day with the last breakfast in Senai's canteen.

Shawn's BF

Waa~ too much sambal.


Pauline's BF

And mine..

226 canteen, byebye..

After lunch with Anderson, we started to pack.

226 lobby

The cubicles that we used to meet with suppliers.

It is the Finance office on the top; the office that i never have a chance to enter. GM's office is inside.

Last time parking in Senai's carpark.

Take a look around..

Hoho... 有一个怪人跟我一样在拍照.

Bye bye Senai.
Yesterday is the 1 year 1 month + 27days that i have been working in Flex Senai.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Behtong this fellow

My msn display msg - last day in Senai

Epileatheral says: bye bye, hahaha

karenC says: haha

Epileatheral says: good luck in PTP
when u go into PTP, must be good, don't do bad things anymore

karenC says: hey, since when i do bad things in Senai wor

Epileatheral says: be good to the people there, don't offend anyone there. If you're good, perhaps they might give you a parole, or maybe, even release you earlier

karenC says: kns

Epileatheral says: and later, when u walk out of the gates , remember, don't look back

karenC says: pengsan

Epileatheral says:I'll go visit you guys someday.
tell shawn i'll bring ciggarettes for him

karenC says: ...=_=

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who is the 老鼠屎?

Tomorrow will be the last day in Flex Senai. Pauline & I were thinking of taking photo in front of 'Flextronics' hehehe... But donno the other 2 want onot.

We have been travelling from Senai to PTP during this period of time for meeting. Ya, we are procurement engineer mah, very important for the company. Hahaha...

Basically the procurement team is hardworking lor... except for one person.....

Who is the 老鼠屎? Can you tell from this photo?

Shawn was busy talking to supplier, WS is writting down important thing in his diary, and this woman...

and this woman... was sms-ing!!

Yes, this is the 老鼠屎.. while people were busy working and she is sms-ing!!! And still can pose for me!!


I know what you are thinking now..... yes..... i am also one 老鼠屎 too coz i am taking photos instead of working.. Wahahahha....

So what? We have to work smart mah.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jie Luan's Wedding

Are u waiting for this one? Well, i am :)

Before leaving for the dinner, cam-whoring time

I reached there way too early, 6.35pm i think. So wait inside the car lor..

While waiting, cam-whoring again. Muahahaha..

This is the first 5A gathering; this is the first wedding dinner among the classmates for most of us including me :) Ya, got a few married but didn't invite me :'(

Here is the newly wed - jieluan & wenhao

Excited we were.

But it didn't last for long. We ended up with our own photo-taking session. Cannot blame us. Some of us didn't meet each other since Form 5 and it was 7 freaking years ago!!

Top - szeyee and chiawoon (S/A)

Bottom - Joselyn, Annie and I (S/A)

You know, Joselyn, Annie and I has been knowing each other for 15 years! We went to the same Primary School, same Secondary School and even same College! We were in the same class but donno how many years. Anyway, Jos used to be my dear roommate :)

Oh ya, if you were wondering what is (S/A) means.. it means - single & available.. hehe..

Top - chiawoon, me, Jos, Annie & paofern
Bottom - szeyee, Kim (our dear ketua tingkatan), weecin and hweeshuang

Me & hweeshuang (shermaine)

Cheers to SETA gals!

I was telling them that i need to drive for a long distance, cannot drink red wine... but ended up.. i finished mine in just a few minutes... hehe... while others were still busy taking photos.

The pretty bride and us (no, i am not in the photo. I was busy eating the prawns with annie. Wahahaha~)

Us after the dinner.

Newly wed with us before we left Grand Straits Garden

p/s: Pauline was actuall asking me whether i wore black ring (瞳孔放大 contact lenses) that day. Well, no ler. This is my original size. A bit proud. Kekeke..

Monday, September 22, 2008

She still not feeling well

Yesterday took 2 injections and ate a little bit but she is still not feeling well....

Bro just informed that she is very sick, can't move and keep shivering. I asked him to bring her to Vet together with mum and who knows mum is nowhere to find. Called her countless time and she is just not answering the phone. Tried to call 2nd sis whose office is just located in Molek but she is not answering either.

Starting to feel panic...

Tried to call auntie and found out that mum is having fun over there. Told her that Fanny is very sick and she said, yes, very sick indeed. Then? Faster bring her to see Vet lar. Is it really so hard? No feeling one? Fanny has been living together with us for 14 years!!

Pray for her..... Fanny, 你要坚持下去。。

Bowling + drink drink Saturday

Saturday - suppose to meet Pauline at 2.30pm at Plaza Pelangi but then postponed to 3pm. I reached there around 2.30pm. While waiting for the woman to come, i has my late lunch at McD at 3.30pm.
Yup, that woman only turn herself out at 4pm.

I ordered 6pcs chicken McNugget and Iced Milo. Guess how much it cost me...

It's freaking RM10.20!!! If i know it will be so expensive i rather take the set meal. KNS~

After meeting Pauline and had some shopping, we proceed to Daiman Bowling Centre to meet VTCW.

VTCW & Pauline a.k.a. DJ

I had a hard time wanting to capture VTCW with the bowling. But the speed of his bowling is too fast until i failed to do it.

But then, i have no problem at all to capture Pauline and her bowling. Hahaha..
We played 3 games and VTCW paid the bill. Hohoho.. Here are the results.

1st game
I scored the lowest.... =_=\\

2nd gameAlthough 82 but still the lowest.... =_=\\\

3rd game

KNS, still the lowest!! =_=\\\ something wrong with the place lar.

What are they doing? Perhaps VTCW is looking for Pauline's best angle. Hahaha..

Later we had dinner at Happyland Restaurant (Vegetarian) opposite to HSBC. The food is expensive but nice.

Curry mutton set meal (RM6.90), seaweed fried rice (RM5.50) and 奶油fried rice (RM5.50).

Sausage with cheese. Total RM26.00 including 2 drinks.

After dinner, while waiting for ELSS we went to Tebrau City. Meet ELSS over there and proceed to Senze, Desa Tebrau.

Budweiser!! Yes, RM16.50 per bottle. FOC? I hope lor.

VTCW never drink before. We were there to teach him bad things.

VTCW: Does Budweiser contain alcohol?
ELSS: No no. Only some oat, wheat all that. All good stuff.

Hehehe... We let him open the bottle for us.

VTCW: Like this ah?

ELSS: No lar, Budweiser just need to twist.

1st time drinking, VTCW only took half cup.

Yay~ 我们成功的带坏他了。。

ELSS: Next time i bring Whiskey for u to try har?
VTCW: Ermm...