Wednesday, February 27, 2008

How many perverts and molestors that i met during school time.

Can't really recall how many times as i met alot. I saw 'manhood' from different type of races before.

The 1st time i saw it, it was near to my Sec school when i was Form5. There was a uncle who always likes to stand beside the road that we have to pass by in order to go to take public bus. He didn't do anything. He just pulled down his pants and showed us his manhood. I was with some friend so what i did was shouting this at him ' Wah! Begitu kecil~' then laugh and walked away. Daring har.

2nd time, a guy sit opposite to the bus stop that i wait for bus every morning and masturbate. But it was quite dark so i just don't bother.

3rd time, i was sitting at the back of a public bus with a friend. I was talking to her how many pervert that i met before and she started trying to hint me, pointing beside me. Then only i turned around and saw a young chinese guy showing his 'manhood' to us and smile. This time it was different. The 'manhood' size is much bigger than the one i saw before. I was abit excited as i never saw something like this before. Then someone heading to the back seat. The young guy quickly cover his 'manhood' with a comic and left the bus. It was purplish.

4th time, i was sitting at the back row of a public bus (yes, public bus again), an indian guy (quite young) sit beside me and there was a few people sitting there also. So after those people left, this indian guy started to unzipped his pants and took out his 'manhood'. He started to masturbate in fornt of me. I was quite scared at that time as i was the only one sitting at the back besides him. So he keep on doing it and i tried my best to look outside the bus as if i didnt notice what he was doing. He then moved to a row in front and continue doing it until he ejaculated. All along i just pretend that i didnt see anything.

5th time, i was taking bus to City Square. This chinese Ah Pek sit next to the seat behind me. I realise got people keep looking at me, turned around and saw this Ah Pek. So he keep looking at me and his hand was moving. U know, at that time i have already got alot of experience after encounter so many perverts. I know what he was doing. But i did bend behind a bit to reconfirm and i was right.

If i am not wrong, i think this should be all of the perverts that i have met. What about molestor?

I only remember got a malay uncle who check the ticket for Maju who always use his 'manhood' to press on girls shoulder and arm. Use girls body to satisfy himself. I kena twice. I wasn't sure what he was doing at that time so i didnt even stop him.

And there is once a guy touched the side of my body from the seat behind me (yes, you are right, public bus again). I turned around and look at him very fiercely and he said sorry.

There is also a guy who i met twice. 2 times he sit beside me. He acted like he was sleeping and use his hand to touch my body from the side once and the 2nd time put his hand beside his own tight which is also beside mine (touched lo). I looked at him but he pretended that he was sleeping.

Taking public bus could be very dangerous. And that's why now i will not take bus anymore if possible and always bring along my pepper spray.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Drive-thro' restaurant

Well, this restaurant that i went that day additional service where other restaurants do not provide which is - Drive-thro' service.

It is located at somewhere in Ros Merah.

You can just drive-thro and wait there for a few minutes then your takeaway is ready!!

Convienient ya.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sex Scandal Photos?

Well, i got some photos here....







Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4
LOL,'s just little Gabriel looking for his belly button.

Gabriel was here for CNY. He learned a lot from the nursery. Now he can eat solid and use his little hand to grab the food. Especially his 'beng beng'

He loves his beng beng.

How come this hat so funny one?

That day he got a new toy. You know, kids like to explore and are very curious. So Gabriel decided to taste the new toy hat.

Emm... how it taste like?


Yer.. why so bitter one?? Mummy~~~ cute

Friday, February 15, 2008

Stupid fireworks

Yeah, i hate fireworks and i don't play it at all. It is very dangerous and those who likes to play is very inconsiderate.

Why am i saying so? Because these people like to play at night especially midnight. It is so noisy and disturbing and causing people couldn't sleep. It is dangerous. You know what, my neighbour who live opposite my house likes to let their youngest son play it in front of their house and how they play? The boy will throw it towards other people house, don't care whether will kena other people car or not. So, fun?

Last night was Hokkien people big day, they will pray at 12am and put a lot of fireworks and firecrackers. End up i couldn' sleep. It's too noisy. Other people need to work today! Somemore, my dog is afraid of it so i stay up until almost 1am to keep her company. I came back from work early yesterday to rest after so many days of lack of sleep but now all spoilt la. Now feel so sleepy. Gotta have my fave Old Town White Coffee later. I drink coffee almost everyday as my brain needs caffein but too bad my stomach cannot take it.... always gastric lo. Even Dr ask me to quit but i still cannot quit. Need coffee to make myself stay awake.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Single Awareness Day

Yes, Happy Single Awareness Day. Today it's not only Valentine's Day but also Single Awareness Day. This is because today, those that are single will realise that they are single as every couple will go out together.

Single people do not want to pathetically looking at loving couple so they decided to celebrate today as this SAD.

Today is the 1st year for me after a few years of celebrating to not to celebrate Valentine's Day. What is the different? No, i don't feel lonely coz i am working ma. I can just go back straight away after work. No need to rush back after work to celebrate, no need to take leave to celebrate either. Good huh? Somemore Valentine's Day has been commercialize, guys have to pay extra but ordinary food just because it is the special set meal for Valentine's Day. And rose.. the price of rose will gone up very high. A lot of girls will feel proud if they can walk around holding their roses today. I admit i dream of that too. But after i got the 1st bunch of roses of my life, i feel actually it is very not convenient and it is a waste. You only can take photo of your roses and let the roses dry up and turn brown. At last, you might just throw it away.

Watching movie together will be more than enough for me :) Or maybe find a place, sit down and chat properly. The longer we get together with someone, we tend to take them for granted. For him/her to do something for you, you will think that it's their responsibility and will become a habit. So when 2 of you break up, you will only realise how important is he/she to you, how much he/she has sacrifice for you, how much you depends on him/her, how special is he/she to you. I experienced it and that's why i know the feeling.

So everybody, please treasure those who love you and those you love. It's fate that bring 2 of you together.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Don't be a cheap slut

Came across a 21-year-old girl friendster profile just now. She put a topless (just wearing bra) photo as her display photo. She claim that she put it purposely just to test and see how many guys will view her profile. OMG, what kind of thinking is this? Obviously she put this not for experimental purpose but to increase her popularity. Guys will definitely like it.

I despise her. There are plenty of girls who are doing the same thing. They post their naked photos or photos to show their cleavage in their profile so that guys will be dying to be their friend. What's the point? Maybe you think that i am old fashion but i'll be damn ashame if my daughter post her sexy photos.

You should keep your body to your love one but not anyone. Guys will think that you are a loose girl and hence make use of you.

Think properly girl. And don't simply let your bf take your naked photos. You don't want to see your own photos spreading over the net like some artists.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Happy Chinese New Year!! Just back from KL today. Well, didn't enjoy it because.... i have been diarrhea for 10 times, gastric, period pain and also my stomach full of air. Now still pain pain, think tomorrow have to go to clinic already.

Not a good chinese new year to me. Started gambling yesterday and until today i already lost RM28 even though i just played for a while. Bad luck huh.

Nephews are enjoying it.

That's my grandpa. He is getting thinner. No appetite.

On the day before New Year Eve we went to Sakae Sushi in Sunway Pyramid. It's memorable because it has been so long since the last time all of my family member go out together to have dinner.

Because of the cheap price and good food, we have to queue for a while lo.

This is the best part of the restaurant.

I ordered Unagi Bibimba. and it look like this.

I mean, after i tried my best to finish it la.

Mum & dad with eldest sis and their precious Gabriel.

He is so cute...

The leftover.

This dinner is to 'celebrate' 2nd sis getting her bonuss so she is paying for it.

Is this post over yet? No, i want to post more about my new baby.

Hahha... ok ok, i'll only put this one here.
Happy Chinese New Year~ My stomach pain again.......

Monday, February 04, 2008

4 Feb

This CNY nothing much. Just bought a pair of jeans.

BTW, this pair of jeans look very nice :) but it emphasize my long legs which makes me look like long legged spider freak. X(

Before CNY, my family have to suffer coz mum don't have time to cook. Everyday we will be having this.

Either a lot of meat or no meat at all.

The first shot of my baby.

We had Red Cloths Day on 31 Jan for my PMC Room. It was fun.

My boss is the one wearing red collar shirt with black stripes.

Friday, February 01, 2008

My collegues (that i don't like)

Colleague No.1
My department clerk. She bully us (me and another newbie), don't want to help us to pass document or collect something at the beginning (that's her job!!). She only helps those who is senior than us and never complain. If we ask her to do something, she will say 'my leg pain', 'my salary so little'... blah blah blah... alot of bullshit. But if others ask her to do somehting, no matter how busy is she, she will still help and never complain. Another thing about her is she always likes to ask me 'Ei, somebody sitting my place before, who's that?' What? Nobody can use her chair? She think that's her property or what? Everyday she will ask this question again and again if she see the chair position a bit different. Then, she always complains that her salary is low, but this lady who always left office around 5.26pm and slot her card sharp at 5.30pm. Ridiculous la. I wanted to respect her since she is so much older than me but if she is acting like this, i don't know how am i going to respect her.

Colleague No.2
This is a 'M' level lady. Not sure whether she is M or AM. Doesn't matter la because she is useless. She is working as a project manager but she can't manage her project. She won't send out email to inform others for the build schedule. She will only inform if we ask thro' phone. Especially when the schedule is push out.; she will NEVER inform if you don't ask. But then hor, if there is any pull in, she will keep calling u, keep email u asking you the PCB leadtime. Nobody in this plant likes her due to her attitude and the way she handle her job. You might ask, if she is so bad then how come she can become a M level?? The answer is simple only, last time her boss wanted to tackle her so let her become AM. I don't know la. These people they think PCB is like lego, within a few days can be fabricated. Keep pushing me to push my supplier to support in extremely short leadtime and not willing to pay extra. This woman ss brainless.

Colleague No.3
This fellow not really don't like him la. Sometimes i do like him because he is willing to teach me if i ask him. But then hor, this fellow is stubborn and not willing to take in others opinion. He is just an ME but he acted like he is program. He don't dare to ask customer if there is any EQ and if customer has any request that my supplier cannot meet. Then who is the victim? My supplier lor. I sayang my suppliers one. The weird thing is, even if i always have argument with him but he still praise me in front of my boss.. a weird fellow.

There are many more, but not as bad as these 3. There is one lady who looked down on me and doesn't give me face when i just joined. But now i am starting to gain respect from her and she don't dare to bully me anymore. A great improvement ya.