Sunday, November 25, 2007

Special toy

Do you still remember this toy? Where the 3 penguins will climb up to the top and slide down and climb up and slide down? I think most people played this before especially for those who was borned in the 80s'.

I thought the toys that we played when we were young already 'dead' because now there is so many high tech toys in the market. But i saw this toy when i went to Giant with my 2nd sis and her bf. I was shocked and shouting when i saw this toy. I though i could never see this toy again. I miss this very very much seriously. It costs RM29.99. 2nd sis bf bought it for Gabriel and Gabriel like it very much.

I saw another nostalgic toy in the small stall there.... it is the fishing toy!! Where you use a fishing rod to catch the fish with sharp teeth!! It is only RM13.90. I wanted to buy it and play it myself but... paiseh la. Hehe.. Maybe later i'll buy. I miss those toys so much.

Cutie is back again

Gabriel found his new toy... OSIM foot massager uSqueez !!

When we are using it he will lean his body on it to feel the vibration. haha.. see his expression.

He looks so happy and excited.

He now learn to play Hide & Seek with us. He will either hide behind the curtain or squeeze inside the 'tilam'. The we will act like we couldn't find him. He will be very happy if we do so.

Yesterday evening we went to 'Tai Zi' Restaurant to have dinner.

Gabriel got to play with this 50 cents once toy car for many many times.
He looked so confuse when he pressed the button and got some funny music came out.

Muakz. Love u Gabriel, our precious angel.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lousy Parking skill in JB

As per previous blog, met my friends that day in Tebrau City. It's on Deepavali day so it's very packed. Luckily we meet earlier. Reach there around 12.30pm. There is still plenty of parking space. After meeting with friends when i went back around 5pm, this is what i saw.

From the back of the Perdana

From the front of the Perdana
Obviously there was another car park in the parking lot. This car jusr sqeezed itself there. If you observe carefully, actually the white car, red car and dark grey Wira were all not praking at the parking lot!! This is ridiculous and there were not the only one. Same thing happen to every other popular shopping centre in Malaysia. Pathetic~

Crayon Shin Chan~

Crayon Shin Chan vol 46 is out!! Wahahahaha....Finally. JB is just too slow.

Yes, I am a big fan of Crayon Shin Chan. It's super funny. I can forget about all the problems that trouble me, all the pressure from work and money.. It is just different from any other comic. I can read again and again and still funny.

I want to collect all of them! If i got a son like shin chan, i'll puke blood and die.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Deepavali

Happy Deepavali~

Wished an Indian friend yesterday but he said he is Bahai, he don't celebrate Deepavali. Emm...

Wished Bei Bei Happy Deepavali... but he said actually it should be Happy 'Deevali"....

Anyway, I am happy today. Going to meet my all Sec schoolmates later at 12.30pm at Tebrau City. Seriously, I have no idea at all who will i be meeting later. Yes, Rye did inform me but i was just too busy recently and didnt pay attention lo. I am happy no matter who i'll be meeting later la.

Recently bz like siao. Every day OT. Since Gigi is gone, Pauline and i have to do her job. Pauline is new, supposingly she can ask me but then hor..... i donno anything about her project then can barely help her. Somemore now everything screwed up. A lot of issues keep popping out. Siao already lo.

Anyhow, i like this job because it is challenging :)

Last nite wanted to watch [Bee Movie] with Bei Bei but the ticket sold out already. Have to wait till next time. Quite disappointed. There is another movie that i want to watch.... [Underdog]!!! A lot of bad reviews about that movie but since that i am a super animal lover so i have to catch that movie no matter what (nod nod)

Gotta get ready now. Dont want to be late. Gotta pump petrol 1st. Haiz... money money...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Boring weekend

Very lazy to blog. During weekdays I have to work. My company blocked us from visiting blogspot. So even if I have idea or I got something to write I will have to wait until weekend. Everyday after work I will be very tired. I'll choose to sit in front of the tv to watch some TV programs and also read newspaper rather than sitting in front of compuer fter facing it for the whole day. Then, when it's weekend... I'll be hanging out whole weekend. Even if I didnt go anywhere, I still feel lazy to write. I'll play with Fanny (the cutest dog on Earth) or sit in front of PC and play some games.

Most of the times, I'll be visiting to play some Room Escape Games or some Tower Defense Games. I am so in love with this kind of games. Else, I'll be visiting some forums for girls to discuss about cosmetics and skincare. Some might think that this is boring but I like it. This is my way of release tension.
It's warm outside, the sky is blue, and It's time for tea... hehe.. I want to gain some weight at certain part of my body so I have to eat more.
Guess what song am I listening to right now.. It's...... "Gimme gimme... gimme me more..." Britney, I am so glad that your kids don't have to suffer anymore.